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Welcome to Joypad

Joypad was born out of our enduring love of retro gaming. Like everyone who played these games as a kid, we remembered them with a heady mixture of exhilaration and frustration: the highs and lows experienced as we swung between defeat and triumph.

… But we wanted more than just the memories. We wanted to bring back the real feeling of those spine-tingling thrills and that youthful enthusiasm – to transform a misty-eyed sense of nostalgia into rediscovery, excitement and a newfound enjoyment of these classic games. To rekindle the camaraderie, the passion, the familiar jokes and the cheering support, and to create a space where you can lose yourself in pure amusement and uninhibited delight.

We bring our equipment, expertise and enthusiasm to any kind of event: club nights, private parties, festivals, corporate events, team building, pop-ups, cinema screenings, conventions, product launches, weddings, birthdays – literally any place there’s a bunch of people who’d enjoy bashing some buttons and some old school games (and isn’t that almost everybody?!). Any size, any place, anything to do with gaming: we’re there! For more information on what we can bring to your next big occasion check out our hire page.

We throw our own events too!

With several years of gaming related events and activities behind us, we know how to create a fun gaming inspired night out. Here's some of the things we get up to:
Super Warehouse Gaming Party!

It’s a massive party, usually in some kind of warehouse, there are lots of games, it’s, um, super… you get the idea!!!

Check us out trending on twitter! #SuperWarehouse

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Retro games
Indie games
Chiptune / Electronic music
Live visuals
Twitter wall banter


Screenings where we pick a movie based on a game, then play that movie and hit the pause button at key movie moments to play the game. Members of the audience get the chance to pit their skills against one another in a tournament where there can be only one bar-tab winner!

Check out the final from our Street Fighter screening!

if you like:
Good-bad movies
Drinking games

Ready Player Two

Tired of the dating game? How about a gaming date!? 

Get to meet lots of cool singletons at our retro gaming speed dating event. Kick back and pit your gaming (and flirting!) skills against your dates, so that you can get to know each other and have some fun doing something a bit different!

Take a look at some photos from the first Ready Player Two

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Meeting new people
Speed dating
Retro gaming

eSports Events

We also stage live screenings of major Esports events, such as The Dota2 International, so that people can get together, make a night of it and watch players at the top of their game (no pun intended!) compete. Sometimes we add in a lan-tournament so people can test their skills – maybe even try out a new trick or two they’ve picked up from watching the masters at work!

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Videogame Democracy

This is an adaptation of our standard gaming set-up where players get to vote which game they’d rather play next by hitting the red or the blue buttons… it kind of has to be seen to be understood, but suffice to say people seem to have as much fun smashing the buttons as they do playing the games!!

Want to see the button-bashing voting madness in action?! Watch this video

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Retro gaming
Hitting big buttons
Settling old gaming arguments
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